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We are spiritual beings momentarily in a physical body.

Traveling life’s road in an amazing journey

and learning wisdom, love and compassion

for all,ourselves included.



No matter how often I am reminded to return to the source and centre myself it never seems to be often enough so thank you for this timely reminder. Today I was again busy “doing important things” when this popped into my emails and thankfully reminded me of what is the most important thing in my life, staying centred.

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A long weekend here in Ireland,  so a chance to refresh and nourish ourselves, taking a step back to notice compulsive running, outside and inside our minds.  Meditation practice is more about settling back into something that is already present,  rather than a need to “achieve” a goal, even a “good” or “calm” goal. Often this desire to achieve is based on a perfect image of ourselves and just fuels an underlying feeling that we are lacking in a fundamental way, needing to be supported and held up.

Empty your mind of all thoughts.Let your heart be at peace.
Watch the turmoil of beings,  but contemplate their return.

Each separate being in the universe returns to the common source.
Returning to the source is serenity.

Lao Tzu

with thanks to dear friend Patrick for the picture from his mountain walks in France

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Loving all, what does that mean?


Again the guiding thoughts of the lovely soul, Trini, showers us all with the beautiful light of her insight into love, compassion and walking a path of true meaning.

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Many times in my life I have been challenged by people who, not exactly mock me, but who thinks that I am just a silly little girl who believes in fairies and angels and who dreams of saving the world. They laugh at me, shake their heads and tell me the world is not Fairyland. Many people have told me that it is not possible to love everybody. They ask me if I truly love everybody the same way as I love my mother. Of course I dont. My mother is my mother, my human self is attched to her in the strongest earthly possible way. And no, my human self might not feel any attachment or closeness to my next-door neighbour or to my neighbour in China or Bangladesh, but my Angel self, or my soul, does. This part of me recognizes the unity we are all apart of…

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Your Infinite Soul


What a wonderful reminder! Thank you Trini. Enjoy your wonderful journey. Namaste Brita

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The whole universe lives and breathes in your infinite soul.
The moon and sun are your eyes, the rain is your tears,
and the wind is your breath.
Your soul contains all, there is nothing it does not hold in itself,
it is involved in all, and all is involved in your soul.
It can take on any form, be what it wants, it has no limitations.
It can swim to the depth of the cosmic ocean
and climb the stairways to the highest heavens.
It carries within it everything created, the creation itself,
and the One who moved the created world into being.
It is not bound by space or time, matter or consciousness,
it is in itself the whole, the sum of all there is,
of all there has been, and all there will be.
Therefor, to know the universe, you must know your soul,
You must journey…

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Where we place the mind


Awareness pays wonderful dividends as does choosing happiness. If you would like to read an inspiring book written by someone who made this choice successfully I would recommend “Educating Alice ” by Alice Greenup. HarperCollins Publishers.

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People never remember happiness with the care that they lavish on

preserving every detail of their suffering

Edward St Aubyn, English Author.

Whatever one keeps pursuing with their thinking and pondering,

that becomes the inclination of their  awareness.

The Buddha, Dvedhavitakka Sutta, MN 19, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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The importance of feeling loved


May you always feel loved and may all sentient beings also feel that they too are truly loved! Change the world one person at a time by making time to make sure others in your life feel loved. Make eye contact when talking to them, yes ignore the screen, hug, smile, talk and share, hold hands, smile be truly present for them and yourself!

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When I was 18 years old I worked as a social worker in India. A part of that job was to visit children in orphanages. My first visit to one of these orphanages was one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life.

The first thing I saw when I entered the orphanage was babies, babies everywhere. You might think think this was normal as it was an orphanage, but I really mean everywhere. The hard stone floor was covered with babies, sleeping only on a very thin bedsheet. The bedsheet was drenched in urine. Two women were sitting on chairs chitchatting.
It was time for the babies’ milk, and bottles were filled and placed tilted on books. so that the babies could drink.
One of the women picked up a baby and gave him to me, then she smiled and gave me a bottle. I sat down, took the…

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Supported We Hang In There!






When times get tough, as they sometimes do, we all need a lifeline, something or someone to help us get through. At present I know a very special lady who is struggling and am sending her lots of prayers and love. Her strength is coming from her family and the many wonderful friends she has made over the years but in the end in the toughest times even more is needed. I have been meeting a lot of people lately who have been doing it tough and it really starts you thinking.

When looking at times when we are alone and no other person can share a path we must walk alone you need a strong inner belief that life is taking you exactly where you are meant to be and that all is unfolding just as it meant to. Then you can settle, find peace and acceptance of the present situation knowing that this too will pass, it is impermanent and as everything does will change.

Often this takes a strong faith!

 “You need a deep well in times of drought!” was how the Dalai Lama put it during his teachings in Melbourne.

This faith doesn’t belong to any culture. He went on to say “If I had been born in Australia I would probably be praying to that nice lady in blue (Meaning Mary the mother of Jesus) His point was that we have different religions because of our birth place, heritage, cultural beliefs and this is not to create barriers between us but to make it easier for us and allow for our differences.

Some find their strength in Christ’s teachings, some in Buddha’s and some in other faiths, the important thing is to find that strength and how to tap into it BEFORE things get tough because then it is easier to hang in and find the inner strength and peace to make the journey easier. 

These tough times often bring amazing blessings! They come to us in many surprising ways but they almost always come to us through the love given out by others. It is a gift we can all give, it costs nothing but a little time to send loving thoughts and in todays tough world we need all the love and compassion that can be given.

If you know someone who is doing it tough and you want to help but don’t know how start by sending them loving thoughts.

If you are doing it tough just open your heart and accept all the love that is being poured out daily by many loving souls who know that everyone has a special unique place in this world and that love unites us all.