Trusting and Giving

Trusting and Giving

Lord, help me to be like the wildflowers,
Trusting You for everything,
Bringing warmth, colour and Your love to all in need,
Without expecting the praise.
A poem by Lyn Lockrey

Seeing this beautiful, tiny bird feeding quietly at our back door, I couldn’t help but wonder why I waste precious time in worrying about getting my needs met, instead of simply getting on with my life and doing the things that are more important. Birds don’t complain about the weather, they don’t worry about their next feed or what others are thinking, they just trust. I took this photo to remind me (how easy I forget) to trust and to stay in the moment. Then as so often happens I found this prayer by Lyn Lockrey in a book of poems on my bedside table. This picture came to mind as I contemplated Lyns’ words, reminding me once again to focus on sharing the joy of life. In sharing it is my hope that they will help you to enjoy the priceless, special little moments of your life and remember to share their warmth with those around you.

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