A New Kindergarten -LET’S GO DO IT!


Nearly twenty years ago a new kindergarten was starting and as usual the parents were as scared if not more so than the kids. Little did I know that this class was to be one of my most memorable. Among the parents on that first day were two  mums. When as I always did I asked for Parent helpers for the class, they put their hands up and so my life was changed in the most beautiful way. They became the closest of friends and quietly at first, set out to do anything and everything to support the children (and me). Shy at first, they supported each other in new challenges like making and decorating pretty pink piklets, in the classroom, for the whole class with all the children “helping”. If you have a child and cook with them you will be smiling by now. We all had such fun that cooking classes started, weekly. Every week the children learnt a new sound and then made edible treat starting with the sound. The classroom was old, only a sink for the children to was their hands in but for a whole term they brought in ingredients, utensils, electric frying pans and everything else needed. Of course the children loved it, which was why they did it. They also joined the canteen volunteers and all the other groups that work to make school a better, more enjoyable place. Their confidence grew! Gillian would say “Lets…”. Sandra would say” I can’t do that I don’t know how!” Gillian would reply “Well, you said you couldn’t cook and you managed that. If you can do that you can do anything!”  Then they set off together on a new learning adventure.Their top effort must have been holding Christmas BBQ parties that were so good all the other teachers begged for them to do theirs too. So they did. Along the way they started running the school canteen, doing school banking (for a school of over 700 kids), made costumes, helped another wonderful mum Yvonne start the class sewing lessons where every child hand stitched a design onto a Christmas card, and on and on it went. Their friendship grew stronger every day both in and out of school. It survived and thrived through both the good times and the few rough patches that every life throws up. They now both work together, Still helping others, but now as nurses in an aged care facility. Their motto “WE CAN DO THAT AND MAKE IT FUN!”

Driving past school today and hearing the children voices ringing out, I wondered what challenging new learning adventures, beautiful, supportive, nurturing friendships were being formed by the new parents. May you meet a precious new friend to share your journey with, as we did.School isn’t just a place for the kids to learn, get involved, enjoy!

With many thanks to  Gillian, Sandra and Yvonne for  your friendship. Love you girls.

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