The Teachings of Silver Birch.

Buddhist temple at The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, while photographer Isres Chorphaka was visiting.

Buddhist temple at The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, while photographer Isres Chorphaka was visiting.

In the forward of “Teachings of Silver Birch” Hannen Swaffer, the medium who channeled Silver Birch wrote in 1938:-

“Silver Birch as we call him is not a Red Indian.

Who he is, we do not know. We assume that he uses the name of the spirit through whose astral body he expresses himself, it being impossible for the high vibration of the spiritual realm to which he belongs to manifest except through some other instrument.

He is the spirit guide of what is known as “Hannen Swaffer’s Home Circle”

Hannen Swaffer goes on to tell how once Silver Birch accidently nearly revealed his true identity but pulled himself up just in time.  So we have no idea as to his true identity. What we do know is that the teachings he gave provide a guide to life that many have found enlightening, thought provoking and beautiful in there simplicity.

At first I had planned to simply put a link here to another site so you could read his teachings there, but when I looked I found the teachings said to be his on some sites had been changed. I assume this happened in trying to condense and update the language, but instead the meaning has been interpreted and sometimes changed. This is what often happens and what I feel has happened with the bible. A simple, beautiful message is lost and becomes something used to promote some other persons or groups beliefs. On one site his teachings had been listed in point form, a list of commandments he supposedly gave to live by.

Personally I found this sad, so I decided that as the book is no longer in print I will share the teachings of Silver Birch as written by Hannen Swaffer here. There will be no deliberate changes made to the language or message. I will not be able to copy the whole book and I hope that in selecting my extracts I am guided to be true to the original. This will be a huge task and will be done over time. (A long time, I am a two finger typist!) But hopefully you will bear with me. I will also try to find other sites that keep to the spirit of his teachings and put links in. Please don’t think that a site not being linked to mine means it is one I don’t approve of as there are many sites, all of which took great effort and a spiritual passion to create and I will never find the time to search through them all.  Some sites condense his answers to the questions asked of him in the circle and these can be helpful, however to fully get the beauty of his teachings, you really need to try to find the original texts. Just as in the bible the words resonate differently with each reader in order to speak to their particular personality and need..

I am posting Silver Birchs’ teachings because they have so much relevance to our lives, spiritual development and the world today Hopefully people will read them who otherwise may never have come across them and use them to make this world a more loving compassionate world. We do need to remember when reading them that the teachings were given long ago to a different generation, one living in very different times and circumstances to those of today. When we try applying these teachings to our own circumstances we need to do so thoughtfully and with awareness that a teacher/prophet/guide speaking to people today would  tailor his message knowing he was addressing  a culture of vastly different experiences and social beliefs.

In the Editor’s Note at the beginning of the book the editor writes:-

“These teachings from Silver Birch- he insists that he is not the author, but the messenger through whom they are relayed from higher sources- are not put forward as the infallible utterances of a being possessed of all wisdom. It is not the object of spirit intercourse that we should denude ourselves of the critical faculty and accept blindly the words of another, whether in this world or the next. Nor is it the desire to create a new Orthodoxy, for revelation is progressive and is dependent on our capacity to receive it.

The appeal of Silver Birch is to Reason, and if anything he says is not acceptable to the reader’s reason then it should be rejected or at least left as an open question pending further evidence.”

You may now see why I was horrified to see the teachings reduced on one web site to a black and white set of rules to live by.

Silver Birch’s Own Story

Here, Silver Birch tells in his own words of the long struggle he had before he was able to transmit his message:

“When I was asked, many years ago, whether I would return to the world of matter and find on earth a band who would work with me to deliver the message of the spirit, I said I would, as did many others, and my task was given me.

I was told that I would have to search and find an instrument and so attach myself to this instrument that I would be able to express through him the message I was charged to deliver. So I searched our records and found my medium.

I watched from the time he was conceived, and from the moment that the spirit began to express itself- albeit as a little flicker- I brought my influence to bear and started there and then the association which has lasted all these years.

I helped to mould the spirit and the tiny little mind and throughout every phase of that life I watched his every experience, learned how to get a close association and I accustomed myself throughout the days of boyhood to all the mental processes, to all the physical habits. I studied my instrument from every aspect – mind, spirit and physical body.

And then I had to guide his footsteps towards an understanding of these spirit truths. First, I guided him to make a study of the many religions in your world of matter, until his mind revolted and he began to be what your world calls an Atheist. And when that had played its part in the mental unfoldment, (word in text) he was ready for me to begin my task of speaking through his lips.

I guided him to his first meeting. I helped to bring him to his first circle. And there, in the power provided, I made my first contact- so crude, so trivial, but from my point of view so important – and I uttered my first expression in the world of matter through another’s organism.

From that day I learned how to obtain better and better control, until now you see the result. We have achieved so much that I can register the totality of my ideas and eliminate for all purposes what is in the medium’s own personality.

Now I would like to tell you something about my mission. They said to me: “You will have to go into the world of matter and, when you have found your instrument, you will have to bring to him sympathetic souls who will aid you to deliver your message.” I searched and found you all and brought you together.

But the greatest difficulty I had to face was that I had to make a choice whether I would return to provide those proofs that your world must have to satisfy itself – material proofs, I mean, not spiritual ones, for your world does not understand those – or whether I would return as a teacher and teach and teach truth. I chose the harder.

I said that, after all those long years, with all the manifold experiences I had had in the realms of spirit, I would return and try to appeal with love to those whom I would strive to teach. I would appeal to reason. I would appeal to the judgment of mature, evolved and what you call educated minds. I would reveal the message of the spirit in all its simplicity.”

Hoping to write more soon.



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