A Birthday Candle for Dorothy


Today the 11th of March is the birthday of a very special lady, one who brought love and light to all who crossed her path. Dorothy was loved by everyone. She played piano everywhere and anywhere and she played not only beautifully but joyfully. Her joy came from her faith, a faith she lived every day through always being positive, never being critical, sharing everything she had and befriending all. I can never recall her saying a bad word about anyone or ever complaining, even in the toughest times. Dorothy would light a candle and say a prayer for everyone. She used different coloured candles for different people and different things. Once she rang me at 2am( she always knew when something was wrong and you  needed a friend)  I was extremely low, she didn’t ask what was wrong, she simply said” I had to ring somethings the matter, I just wanted to tell you I have this lovely pale pink candle and I am lighting it and saying a prayer for Jesus to be close in your heart.” I was at the lowest point in my life that night. I had been crying and still was when I answered the phone. I had prayed to Jesus and from hundreds of miles away Dorothy knew and was on the phone being his light worker in this world. Dorothy never claimed to be psychic, she never said anything about herself but eveyrone knew her exceptional ability to just make things happen. Once she wanted to go to Rio to see the statue of Christ. “I know I’ll get there ” she said “I prayed about it and lit a candle and I have a feeling God will make it happen”. Dorothy was on a train going to Sydney shortly after and chatted to the lady next to her, as she always did. That lady turned out to be the mother of a young ballet producer who she had years before played piano for at his dance school. He had been trying to contact her but had moved to New Zealand and lost her address. His mum gave him Dorothy’s address and he contacted her. He was off to ,you guessed it, South America to do a ballet and took Dorothy to play the piano for his rehearsals. Things like that were always happening to Dorothy, she was as I said a very special lady. Near the end of her life she was badly burnt, she was putting out her candles when her dressing gown caught alight but this, despite months in hospital, never dampened her love of candles and she never stopped praying right up until the end. The day before she died she was praying for the man in the next hospital room who was “having a bad time of it”. She was still as positive as ever, saying how wonderful the nurses were and how lucky she was that there was a balcony that they could wheel her out onto to see the beautiful trees. The last gift Dorothy gave us was a candle, in a special holder. The holder was a little teapot house with a husband mouse and his wife standing out in the front garden. She said it reminded her of my husband Bill and I. We prayed tonight, a prayer of special thanks for having Dorothy as our special gift from God. Dorothy  brought the love of Jesus into our lives and the lives of countless others, she shone more brightly in this world than all the beautiful candles she lit. We prayed by the light of the mouse house candle that Dorothy gave us. The name Dorothy means “God’s gift” She certainly was!

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Candle for Dorothy

  1. What a truly wonderful post and a divine image too, very big thank you for sharing such love and such warmth, sincere regards, Barry

    • Thanks so much for your comments. Dorothy is very special to me, my site is named in honour of her. The circle of light from a candle, a circle that joins us all in it’s love energy. I find your site great, so thought provoking. Blessings to you on your journey of enlightenment. Brita

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