The Three Zones Of Awareness.

If we are trying to operate in a fully conscious manner in our daily life it is useful to:=

*know the 3 zones/types of awareness

* learn how to move between zones

* be more aware of where we operate from are we in one zone more than the others and how is this affecting us.

* shuttle between zones, what is happening now!

The Zones are:- MIDDLE ZONE.-thoughts, fantasies, interpretation, self-talk, include here self- criticism.( It is said that anxious people live here a lot.)

OUTER ZONE. – see, hear, touch. INNER ZONE. -feelings, emotions, body sensations (It is said depressed people live in this zone a lot.)

Once we know where we are operating from we can choose to move zones. It isn’t until we are able to identify where we are operating from that we can make conscious and often empowering choices about moving or shifting our awareness..

When we first become AWARE of let’s say a feeling perhaps we “Feel someone doesn’t like us” the next step is to OWN or take ownership of that feeling. That’s how they “may” feel. Am I OK  with it. Have I got it right, what other evidence do I have to support this feeling?” I always check my feelings and perceptions as it is so easy to get these wrong. Then if  this is how it is the next step is to ACCEPT It. Yes it is real. Next take RESPONSIBILITY for it. Acknowledge that only you can choose to do something about it or not. Finally CHOOSE!  Is this real or just someone’s perception of me that is causing this. Is it my problem or theirs. Am I choosing to let it affect me or am I choosing to move on and ignore it.  Does it matter to me. We need to be aware that some people unconsciously or otherwise use criticism as a way of control. This is wrong but it is easy to begin putting yourself down if you are constantly being blamed or criticised. Always act in your own best interests if you find yourself in this situation.

Developing awareness is a great way to take back the power in your life if it has been taken from you.

In the case of “feeling someone doesn’t like me” a simple first step would be to shift awareness to the  middle zone and self talk “Hey but x, y, and zee like me so I’m OK it’s just them!” This of course is an oversimplification but I’m sure you get the idea and will enjoy discovering more about how you operate.

Enjoy your journey! Namaste.

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