Travellers Pray.

Lord grant me a steady hand, a watchful eye,

that none may suffer harm as I pass by.

You give life, I pray no act of mine

will take away nor mar in any way this gift you give.

Show me how to use this gift to benefit all others and

 not to miss through lack of wit or love of speed the beauty that surrounds .

Protect those who drive with me.

Be with me Lord as I travel along so I may go in Your peace and harmony.

I say this prayer every time I get in my car before I drive off. Yesterday it alerted my guardian angel that once again she was on traffic duty and that I was driving.  Today I am extremely grateful.

My husband and I had gone to the Gold Coast to do some special gift shopping as there are no big department stores  near where we live. On the way home we were on the freeway doing 11o kilometres per hour (the speed limit) when a small blue car flew past us. It was dodging in and out, at one point cutting across all three lanes and it had to be doing 130kph. I had no sooner said to my husband “They’re crazy, an accident waiting to happen!” than they clipped a car and spun out of control. Seven cars were damaged through their thoughtless driving. We would have been involved had we not got out the lift on the wrong level of the car park at the shopping centre and had to walk up a level. Coincidence you may think but there have been two other coincidences in the last three weeks, Guardian Angel working overtime I say! I also add a thank you prayer because while I have no fear of death the thought of being disabled and a burden on my husband is one I don’t like at all, even though he assures me that I would never be a burden and I really do no that no matter what nothing can shake our love for each other. Just another blessing to be thankful for. So many blessings! I am reminded once again of the old hymn  that goes:- Count your blessings, name them one by one……….. count your many blessings and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

The greatest blessing of all was that no one was killed. Hopefully the young girl driving is counting her blessings and learnt a lesson about the danger of reckless driving.

A Birthday Candle for Dorothy


Today the 11th of March is the birthday of a very special lady, one who brought love and light to all who crossed her path. Dorothy was loved by everyone. She played piano everywhere and anywhere and she played not only beautifully but joyfully. Her joy came from her faith, a faith she lived every day through always being positive, never being critical, sharing everything she had and befriending all. I can never recall her saying a bad word about anyone or ever complaining, even in the toughest times. Dorothy would light a candle and say a prayer for everyone. She used different coloured candles for different people and different things. Once she rang me at 2am( she always knew when something was wrong and you  needed a friend)  I was extremely low, she didn’t ask what was wrong, she simply said” I had to ring somethings the matter, I just wanted to tell you I have this lovely pale pink candle and I am lighting it and saying a prayer for Jesus to be close in your heart.” I was at the lowest point in my life that night. I had been crying and still was when I answered the phone. I had prayed to Jesus and from hundreds of miles away Dorothy knew and was on the phone being his light worker in this world. Dorothy never claimed to be psychic, she never said anything about herself but eveyrone knew her exceptional ability to just make things happen. Once she wanted to go to Rio to see the statue of Christ. “I know I’ll get there ” she said “I prayed about it and lit a candle and I have a feeling God will make it happen”. Dorothy was on a train going to Sydney shortly after and chatted to the lady next to her, as she always did. That lady turned out to be the mother of a young ballet producer who she had years before played piano for at his dance school. He had been trying to contact her but had moved to New Zealand and lost her address. His mum gave him Dorothy’s address and he contacted her. He was off to ,you guessed it, South America to do a ballet and took Dorothy to play the piano for his rehearsals. Things like that were always happening to Dorothy, she was as I said a very special lady. Near the end of her life she was badly burnt, she was putting out her candles when her dressing gown caught alight but this, despite months in hospital, never dampened her love of candles and she never stopped praying right up until the end. The day before she died she was praying for the man in the next hospital room who was “having a bad time of it”. She was still as positive as ever, saying how wonderful the nurses were and how lucky she was that there was a balcony that they could wheel her out onto to see the beautiful trees. The last gift Dorothy gave us was a candle, in a special holder. The holder was a little teapot house with a husband mouse and his wife standing out in the front garden. She said it reminded her of my husband Bill and I. We prayed tonight, a prayer of special thanks for having Dorothy as our special gift from God. Dorothy  brought the love of Jesus into our lives and the lives of countless others, she shone more brightly in this world than all the beautiful candles she lit. We prayed by the light of the mouse house candle that Dorothy gave us. The name Dorothy means “God’s gift” She certainly was!


Angel Brita

All throughout your earthly life you will be guided, supported and protected by your own very special guide, your “Guardian Angel”. Connecting with this angel is a beautiful and enriching experience, one that allows you greater insight and focus on the divine purpose of your life. To be able to make this connection to your guardian angel your soul or spirit energy needs to be attuned to the infinite light and love available to each and every being.

I originally learnt this meditation many years ago from the Reverend Carrie Ann St Clair, a wonderful teacher, international psychic, medium and friend, who has since passed on to the world of spirit. Over the years it has probably changed slightly but its essence remains unchanged. It is wonderful how the love, wisdom and teachings that we share with others lives on continuing to be a positive force in this earthly world long after we have left it. To enable you to take this journey effortlessly, without having the need to think about what happens next you may need to read the visualization below a few times or you may prefer to simply tape it so you can just play it back.


Protection is extremely important when ever we are attempting to contact spirit. Even when connecting to a spirit as beautiful as your Guardian Angel, it is vital to put in place psychic protection (a barrier) to keep you safe. Our physical body, as you probably already know, is made up of energy, as is everything and the frequency at which our energy vibrates is much lower than that of Spirit. This means our energy is denser or heavier. If you look at the analogy to the lotus, as the Buddhists do, we are at the lowest level sunk down in the mud and as we grow spiritually we come up through the water into the air and light where we blossom, unfolding to become  the pure, fully actualised  being that we were always  meant to be. Spirits are on a higher, less dense level. As they continue on their journey they also change energetically, their energy becomes increasingly finer, less dense and vibrates at increasingly higher frequencies.  This places us closest in energy to Spirits that are still in the lower energy levels of life beyond this earthly plane. Spirits who are still in the process of working through their own issues. It is important to avoid contact with them for their benefit as well as our own and that is why this meditation begins by putting protection in place.

There are various effective methods of protection that have been taught over the years. It is important to find one that genuinely works for you and your belief system. For some this may involve chanting, lighting incense or performing a set of specific rituals. Whichever practice you decide to use make sure you are well acquainted with it and that it is a well accepted, respected and a tried and proven one.

As a Christian I protect myself by calling on the Archangel Michael to protect me and keep me safe. I ask that he allow only Spirit coming in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and from the light through to me. I then visualize white light encircling and filling the space I am in. I place myself in a bubble of bright white light and surround this with a fine gold mesh. Next I visualise a series of golden crosses. I place the first of these above the top of my head protecting my crown chakra. The second one I visualise below me, under my feet if I am sitting on a chair or below my base chakra (bottom of spine) if I am sitting on the floor.  I then visualise another gold cross in front of me and then I visualise a gold cross on either side of me and finally a last gold cross behind me.

Having done this I focus on my heart chakra, meditating on it until I am filled with love which I then send out to all sentient (feeling) beings. Finally I ground myself by visualising a deep root like that of a mighty tree growing, from the base of my spine if sitting on the ground or from my feet if sitting on a chair, down into the centre of the earth. Only then does my journey begin.

The Meditative Journey Towards Meeting Our Guardian Angel Begins.

Immersed in a feeling of divine love, released of all earthly tensions, we begin to transcend all physical boundaries and find ourselves bathed in warm, pure, golden light. We feel ourselves being ever so gently drawn upwards into this light. Emerging before us we see a smooth pathway and we step onto it, following it as it gently winds its way towards the top of a small hill. On either side of the path a profusion of flowers in all the colours and hues of the rainbow, gently wave in the soft, warm breeze.

We feel totally, blissfully at peace and on reaching the top of the hill we stop to drink in the beauty of the scene before us. The air is full of birdsong and we can hear the sound of a small babbling stream that is flowing through the valley below us. We wander on down towards the stream, feeling the soft, warm grass beneath our feet and the gentle breeze caressing our face. A short distance away we see a large smooth rock just near the edge of the steam. We go over and sit quietly down, drinking in the beauty that surrounds us.

The rock is warm and as we sit gazing at the amazing colours dancing in the light around us we notice that as the light sparkles and bounces off the water of the stream a fine mist is forming. Coming through this mist we see an angelic being gradually taking form and moving slowly towards us. It crosses effortlessly over the stream and stands before us for a moment before joining us on our rock. We feel strong rays of love and total acceptance enfold us as we commune silently, blessed to be here with  our very own guardian angel. Side by side, in the soft, warm, golden light, we are as one lost in this precious moment, suspended beyond time and place. We become more even more still, more peaceful, as deep in our heart a clear flame arises, grows and illumines our whole consciousness with a qualities of Gods divine peace, strength, courage, heavenly wisdom, joy and love.

After a time, feeling our guardian angel slowly rising, we become aware that this special moment is drawing to an end and that soon we will have to leave this special place. Our guardian angel makes us aware that they have a special gift for us. As we receive it we thank them before slowly rising and turning to head back along the path that led us here. Our feet seem to float above the path as we journey back through the beautiful flowers and birdsong. The light seems even brighter than before and as we travel on we quicken our pace, anxious to return and explore the gift we were so lovingly given by our guardian angel, aware of its potential to give us greater insight into our life’s purpose and the unique role we are playing out during this earthly aspect of our journey.

We feel ourselves being drawn down to sit once more in the safe, protected space which is just as it was when we left. We feel totally refreshed as we look around us and rest peacefully for a time before once more thanking our angel and beginning to slowly bring back our focus and attention to the physical space around us. We remember we have the precious gift and look forward to exploring it and its meaning more deeply in the days ahead. We rise slowly and drink a large glass of water before returning to other tasks.

May this meditation aide you on your journey as it did me. May you and your journey be blessed.

Passing On – A Journey, Not A Dead End.

Jacobs Ladder by WilliamBlake

Having seen spirit as a child I always knew that you didn’t stop “being” when you died. It wasn’t the end of you, you continued to exist but beyond the vibrational limits our earthly eyes were able to perceive. Unfortunately this knowlege was of little comfort to me  when I began to experience the death of those I loved. By the time I left High School I had “lost” my mother,my father, a much loved uncle and a few very close friends. In my head and also my heart I knew they had gone on to a better place. I had already seen many people die. Death wasn’t hidden away in those days, it was seen as part of everyday life. Birth, marriage, death and everything else in life took place in the community or rather the extended family of the neighbourhood in which you lived. Everything was shared, the good times and the bad and everyone was supported.  M,ost people died at home where they were then laid out by the neighbours, usually in the front room, and  everyone came to see them off. Although I had no fear of death  I still longed for their physical presence, to see them again and feel their embrace, so when I came across this poem simply called “Passing On”, it gave me great comfort. I would love to know who wrote it but no author was given. Please if anyone knows the author I would love to hear from you. There are many beautiful poems on death and dying that seek to give comfort to those left behind and quite a few have built on this idea of death being a journey. It is an idea I lovingly accept, although I do feel that for most of us it isn’t a journey to a destination where we stay “forever more”, instead it is a journey to a different energy plain where we continue to grow, learn and “rest up” before we come back to earth to demonstrate that we have matured spiritually.

There is so much fear and confusion around death and the process of dying, I witness it often as I visit the palliative care unit where I am a volunteer. It is so sad that at such a special time old half truths worry and plague so many. It is always a priviledge to share in this special time, I have learnt so much while listening as people share their life stories, experiences and wisdom and it is always especially  beautiful to witness the passing over of those who have faith that their journey is beginning not ending.














If you think this may bring comfort to someone you know please pass it on, even if it doesn’t help it may open up a conversation that will allow them to share their feeling. Sharing with someone who we know cares is always a great help on any journey through grief. Praying that any of you who are on this journey, at this point in time, will find yourself surrounded by peace and love.

 God bless you.

Who are the Guardian Angles?

currier_ives_angels_tree_1A guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group. Belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity. The concept of tutelary angels and their hierarchy was extensively developed in Christianity in the 5th century by Pseudo-Dionysus the Areopagite.

The theology of angels and tutelary spirits has undergone many refinements since the 400s. Belief in both the East and the West is that guardian angels serve to protect whichever person God assigns them to,[1] and present prayer to God on that person’s behalf.

extract from wikipedia: