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Words seem so limiting sometimes. I so often just have to give a hug when their are just no words to show how I feel. Perhaps we need to develop a new vocabulary I have started one with those close to me and they know exactly how I feel when I say I am feeling “wooflie”
ie a little sad but don’t know why. It always brings me a warm, loving hug.

In Silence

What beauty we are showered with when another soul showers us with their love by sharing their innermost insights. Thank you Laurie. Namaste Brita.

How we look and what we see

Just thought I’d share this obvious truth that we all so often forget. This site has many other great reminders that make one’s journey smoother. Namaste Brita



The real voyage of discovery
consists not in seeing new landscapes
but in having new eyes

(Le véritable voyage de découverte ne consiste pas à chercher de nouveaux paysages, mais à avoir de nouveaux yeux)

Marcel Proust

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Little Hope

Had to share this beautiful prayer for we all need hope every minute of our lives and it is so fragile and easily lost.

The Paths of the Spirit

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Hold my hand, little hope
Don’t let me go astray
I cannot sail without your wind
Lift my sails, I pray

Lead my ship to better shores
Where I can find some rest
I cannot sleep without your dreams
So build for them a nest
And Place it in my weary heart
To give my soul some rest

Sing for me, little hope
Don’t fly away so soon
Brush your wings against my heart
And my heart will sing in tune

Hold my hand, little hope
Don’t let me go astray
I cannot fly without your wings
Carry me, I pray

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Sing for Love!

We seldom think of babies dying it is too painful, too hard, and the question “Why?” is often asked only to be left hanging unanswered. In my lifetime I have witnessed death often and see it as calling us home as I know we go on existing as spirit. I have seen the passing of loved ones cause so much pain but I have also seen it produce some of the most beautiful experiences I have ever been privileged to be a part of. While listening to this beautiful lullaby I meditated on sending peace and love to all the many women in the world who will lose a precious child today perhaps you would like to also support them in this way.

A Mind like Sky

What a wonderful reminder! It is just so easy to get caught and drift from our true centre of stillness. I find so often that the things ” I SEE” as my greatest strengths are in reality my greatest weakness and the ones that trip me up. Great when others gently remind us to refocus.


File:Paloma (8724001018).jpg

Meditation comes alive through a growing capacity to release our habitual entanglement

in the stories and plans, conflicts and worries that make up the small sense of self,

and to rest in awareness.

Jack Kornfield, A Mind like Sky

photo : juanedc

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Here, In the Stillness

Being compassionate is everyone’s aim but to be truly compassionate we must also remember to be compassionate to ourselves. A little time out from self criticism and a little self love, the hardest kind of love to give, is a great place to start. Laurie’s poem once again nails it. What a wise lady!

To Trust, To Be Still

I found this on a site by a lovely lady who has learnt never to give up and to find positive ways of helping others each day. I love her personal positivity, she is quietly inspiring others to enjoy the beauty of life in not so good times s well as good times. Her simple poems go straight to my heart.


These beautiful words are just some of the many comforting, enlightening and uplifting to be found on this beautiful site. I seldom recommend other sites but this one is special and well worth a visit. Namaste Brita.

Dennis Cardiff




wings to fly
arms to hold you
tightly to my chest
never farther than a wish
much closer than our dream.
Call, and I’ll come rushing
to your side

a heart
of compassion
to comfort and console you
when you’re feeling broken
or, when you’re filled with joy
in darkness and when light
shines brightly from above
for now and forever
you’ll always have
my love


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