Meditation-Clearing the Clutter


Sometimes life seems overwhelming, something we have done a million times easily suddenly seems too hard. Stress engulfs us and our focus narrows so all we can focus on are the negatives. At such times many people pray for guidance, which if it works for you is great, I meditate. PRAYING is TALKING to God or the higher connection you have and at such stress filled times can be more a case of talking AT that higher power.  On the other hand MEDITATION is LISTENING.

If my mind is racing I will focus on an object, it can be a tree, a flower, a picture, crystal or in my case, if possible, a candle. I then just sit, any thoughts that come into my mind I label “thinking” and go back to giving my full attention to what I am focusing on. This simple technique takes a little practise but is really effective once mastered. It stops all the noise ,gets rid of the clutter and allows space for a wider perspective to come in. My candle always brings me peace and a soft loving connection to those in spirit who support me.

I hope you have a way of dealing with such hectic times, if not find something connected to your heart and try this one. You can use it anywhere, at work,on a bus or train, but obviously not while driving, all you need is that picture of your special something in your head and your set to go. I hope you are having a stress free time at present and won’t need to use this for a very long time. Blessings to you.

This is a picture of the ” Mouse House” candle, given to us by our dear friend Dorothy. Just looking at it, even without lighting the candle, I go instantly to a  loving place of peace.

Psychic Safety=Never Leave The Circle.

While doing a reading for a client who said she was herself ” a trained phychic” I was horrified to hear her say that she “felt so hot she had to get up, leave the circle and go outside to cool down.” I have struggled with whether I should write this post because in a sense I am breaking my very strict privacy code, however I feel it is is alright to share this small amount with you, as I will in no way identify her or where she was at the time.   I just felt it urgent to let as many people know as I am able, what until now I thought everyone knew, that YOU NEVER LEAVE THE PROTECTION OR BREAK THE CIRCLE FOR ANY REASON. This is a rule that was taught and strictly enforced at every development circle I was ever in and with good reason. Back in the 80’s I was sitting in a group of eight people, who further developing their psychic ability, when I felt an ice cold chill envelop me. The teacher, an extremely strong medium with many years of weekly platform work at a large inner city Spiritualist Church behind her, told me quietly but forcefully to sit still and that no matter what I saw or heard not to break the circle. I would be safe so long as I stayed in the circle. Only one other member, other than the teacher of the group, was aware of the spirit coming in. Why this was so I really don’t know but for me what followed was extremely difficult to experience. The spirit was extremely angry with the other member of the circle who was aware of him, she  was also a well known and respected medium who had been running a Spiritualist Church for over ten years. The teacher ordered the spirit to leave, explaining he could achieve nothing in this way. Although she had carried out exocisms in the past and was amazingly strong it took her considerable time and skill to evict him.I had been sitting in circles for years but was badly shaken by the experience, which I must say is far from the normal. My teacher had been experienced enough to be able to know instantly of my awareness of this troubled spirit and advise me how to act before I could place myself in danger. She had known where every student was on their journey, who was and wasn’t aware of him, she had instantly assessed the situation while at the same time dealing with the incredible energy he brought with him. At the end of the circle the teacher went around each member andas is the custom asked what they had experienced. She didn’t sk myself or the lady who the spirit had come to contact and who was still visibly shaken but she told all the other students that a troubled soul had visited our circle and restated the golden rule “ONCE YOU HAVE BEGUN SITTING AND THE CIRCLE OF PROTECTION IS IN PLACE NO ONE LEAVES UNTIL THE TEACHER GIVES PERMISSION”. In the 50’s and 60’s churches would lock the door once services began and late comers were not allowed in . If readings were being given everyone had to wait until the end or ask for special permission to leave early so the reader could replace the protective barrier, unfortunately over the years some of these safety measures seem to have been lost in some places. It is a real worry. To teach you must have these skills and more. You must know your students and if they are beginners reinforce the rules at the start of every circle. The lady I was reading for said she had been sitting for years and this build up of heat was an ongoing problem for her. Given this, I can only assume that, her action of getting up and leaving took the teacher by surprise, even so it doesn’t answer the question of why the teacher hadn’t dealt with the grounding and other issues. As I only have this ladies report it isn’t possible to say what really caused this major breakdown in the circles protection but I know that a basic but vital rule was broken and it placed everyone in danger. I repeat…THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT MUST NEVER BE BROKEN UNTIL EVERY MEMBER IS FULLY BACK! If you know anyone developing PLEASE PASS THIS ON.

If you are beginning this journey please check out your teacher well, always put your own protection in place before opening up and study the old ways of doing things, they were done for good reasons and have stood the test of time. Finally and this is a hard one, because it is an exciting journey, take one careful, well supported step at a time, don’t try to rush your development it will happen at the rate best suited to your personal needs. Bless You, Stay Safe!


Angel Brita

All throughout your earthly life you will be guided, supported and protected by your own very special guide, your “Guardian Angel”. Connecting with this angel is a beautiful and enriching experience, one that allows you greater insight and focus on the divine purpose of your life. To be able to make this connection to your guardian angel your soul or spirit energy needs to be attuned to the infinite light and love available to each and every being.

I originally learnt this meditation many years ago from the Reverend Carrie Ann St Clair, a wonderful teacher, international psychic, medium and friend, who has since passed on to the world of spirit. Over the years it has probably changed slightly but its essence remains unchanged. It is wonderful how the love, wisdom and teachings that we share with others lives on continuing to be a positive force in this earthly world long after we have left it. To enable you to take this journey effortlessly, without having the need to think about what happens next you may need to read the visualization below a few times or you may prefer to simply tape it so you can just play it back.


Protection is extremely important when ever we are attempting to contact spirit. Even when connecting to a spirit as beautiful as your Guardian Angel, it is vital to put in place psychic protection (a barrier) to keep you safe. Our physical body, as you probably already know, is made up of energy, as is everything and the frequency at which our energy vibrates is much lower than that of Spirit. This means our energy is denser or heavier. If you look at the analogy to the lotus, as the Buddhists do, we are at the lowest level sunk down in the mud and as we grow spiritually we come up through the water into the air and light where we blossom, unfolding to become  the pure, fully actualised  being that we were always  meant to be. Spirits are on a higher, less dense level. As they continue on their journey they also change energetically, their energy becomes increasingly finer, less dense and vibrates at increasingly higher frequencies.  This places us closest in energy to Spirits that are still in the lower energy levels of life beyond this earthly plane. Spirits who are still in the process of working through their own issues. It is important to avoid contact with them for their benefit as well as our own and that is why this meditation begins by putting protection in place.

There are various effective methods of protection that have been taught over the years. It is important to find one that genuinely works for you and your belief system. For some this may involve chanting, lighting incense or performing a set of specific rituals. Whichever practice you decide to use make sure you are well acquainted with it and that it is a well accepted, respected and a tried and proven one.

As a Christian I protect myself by calling on the Archangel Michael to protect me and keep me safe. I ask that he allow only Spirit coming in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and from the light through to me. I then visualize white light encircling and filling the space I am in. I place myself in a bubble of bright white light and surround this with a fine gold mesh. Next I visualise a series of golden crosses. I place the first of these above the top of my head protecting my crown chakra. The second one I visualise below me, under my feet if I am sitting on a chair or below my base chakra (bottom of spine) if I am sitting on the floor.  I then visualise another gold cross in front of me and then I visualise a gold cross on either side of me and finally a last gold cross behind me.

Having done this I focus on my heart chakra, meditating on it until I am filled with love which I then send out to all sentient (feeling) beings. Finally I ground myself by visualising a deep root like that of a mighty tree growing, from the base of my spine if sitting on the ground or from my feet if sitting on a chair, down into the centre of the earth. Only then does my journey begin.

The Meditative Journey Towards Meeting Our Guardian Angel Begins.

Immersed in a feeling of divine love, released of all earthly tensions, we begin to transcend all physical boundaries and find ourselves bathed in warm, pure, golden light. We feel ourselves being ever so gently drawn upwards into this light. Emerging before us we see a smooth pathway and we step onto it, following it as it gently winds its way towards the top of a small hill. On either side of the path a profusion of flowers in all the colours and hues of the rainbow, gently wave in the soft, warm breeze.

We feel totally, blissfully at peace and on reaching the top of the hill we stop to drink in the beauty of the scene before us. The air is full of birdsong and we can hear the sound of a small babbling stream that is flowing through the valley below us. We wander on down towards the stream, feeling the soft, warm grass beneath our feet and the gentle breeze caressing our face. A short distance away we see a large smooth rock just near the edge of the steam. We go over and sit quietly down, drinking in the beauty that surrounds us.

The rock is warm and as we sit gazing at the amazing colours dancing in the light around us we notice that as the light sparkles and bounces off the water of the stream a fine mist is forming. Coming through this mist we see an angelic being gradually taking form and moving slowly towards us. It crosses effortlessly over the stream and stands before us for a moment before joining us on our rock. We feel strong rays of love and total acceptance enfold us as we commune silently, blessed to be here with  our very own guardian angel. Side by side, in the soft, warm, golden light, we are as one lost in this precious moment, suspended beyond time and place. We become more even more still, more peaceful, as deep in our heart a clear flame arises, grows and illumines our whole consciousness with a qualities of Gods divine peace, strength, courage, heavenly wisdom, joy and love.

After a time, feeling our guardian angel slowly rising, we become aware that this special moment is drawing to an end and that soon we will have to leave this special place. Our guardian angel makes us aware that they have a special gift for us. As we receive it we thank them before slowly rising and turning to head back along the path that led us here. Our feet seem to float above the path as we journey back through the beautiful flowers and birdsong. The light seems even brighter than before and as we travel on we quicken our pace, anxious to return and explore the gift we were so lovingly given by our guardian angel, aware of its potential to give us greater insight into our life’s purpose and the unique role we are playing out during this earthly aspect of our journey.

We feel ourselves being drawn down to sit once more in the safe, protected space which is just as it was when we left. We feel totally refreshed as we look around us and rest peacefully for a time before once more thanking our angel and beginning to slowly bring back our focus and attention to the physical space around us. We remember we have the precious gift and look forward to exploring it and its meaning more deeply in the days ahead. We rise slowly and drink a large glass of water before returning to other tasks.

May this meditation aide you on your journey as it did me. May you and your journey be blessed.

Chakras In Healing and Spiritual Development.

chakra pic 1

The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” or “disk”. The origins of the traditional sevenfold chakra system are buried deep within the roots of Hindu culture.The earliest mention of the term “chakra” is said to come from the Vedas, the four holy books of the Hindus but many believe that the term pre-dates this and goes back to the ancient practices of the mystics and yogis who orally passed down practices that balanced the physical, mental,emotional and spiritual layers of energy in order to bring about well being and balance.

Chakras can be best understood if we liken them to valves that open and close to enable us to access aand balance the “electrical current” or “the Universal Life Force” we need to keep functioning. Chakra healing is based on the belief that in order for total well-being to take place we must act as an integrated whole with all the layers or levels of energy that make up the whole being in balance. Blockages that occur in this flow of life giving energy create imbalance and dysfunction and need to be removed because a blockage or dysfunction in one part of the system has an impact on all the other parts.These dysfunctions can happen whenever the energy flowing through the chakras is either excessive or deficient.

The chakra system is traditionally based on their being seven major points of connection between the physical body and the “vibrational” or “energy” body. The chakras line up along the spinal cord and coincide approximately with the positions of the glands in the endocrine system.They are seen as spinning wheels of energy, each of a different colour. The colour associated with them relates to the vibrational level of the colour.

The chakra system, as well as being a system used for healing, is also recognised as  a system for spiritual evolution or enlightenment. When using it for this purpose,the subtle energies of the various chakras are explored through meditation and yoga to help with personal and spiritual development.

In the Indian tradition, the centres are referred to as lotuses,the belief being that like the flower we are rooted in the mud and depths but ultimately we blossom under the light of the sun. The chakras when explored in this way are aligned to our differing levels of intuitive perception. The Base Chakra is aligned with the material level. The Sacral Chakra is aligned with the emotional level. The Solar Plexus is aligned with the emotional level. The Heart Chakra as you would expect is aligned with love, loving awareness and balance. The Throat Chakra governs communication and  in my experience  it is the centre psychics wishing to develop their channelling abilities focus on. The Third Eye Chakra is the level of the higher mind and is associated with psychic vision. The Crown Chakra is the level of alignment with spirituality and alignment to The Source, God, Divinity by the name you use.

When dealing with the chakras in relation to healing there are still more levels of meanings to be explored.

The 1st chakra commonly known as the Root Chakra (Muladhara in Hindi) sits at the base of the spine and is said to connect metaphysically to the Adrenals. These two small triangular glands sit atop of the kidneys and secrete a variety of hormones that regulate among other things the body’s metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and the ones that control the balance of salt in our body fluids. These functions see it also associated with the bones and skeletal structure of our physical body. These glands also produce adrenalin, the hormone essential for our “fight or flight” response. This is why this chakra has beeen so closely associated with our link to physical surviva land safety. The Root Chakra is associated with the colour red and our sense of smell.

The 2nd chakra commonly known as the Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana in Hindi) sits about two finger widths below our navel. It connects energetically to the male and female reproductive organs ie the testes and ovaries. The Sacral Chakra govens our relationship with our own sexuality and issues concerning our emotional balance. It is also associated with the health of the bladder, prostrate and womb. It is seen as the colour orange and is linked to our sense of taste.

The 3rd chakra commonly known as the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura in Hindi) sits between the navel and the base of the sternum. It connects energetically to the pancreas and looks after the well-being of the digestive system and also our muscles. The colour associated with this chakra is yellow and the associated sense is sight. Interestingly we often use the term “gut instinct”  when describing feeling giving greater insight.

The 4th chakra commonly known as the Heart Chakra (Anahata in Hindi) is located in the centre of the chest. It is metaphysically connected to the Thymus gland and is associated with the heart, chest,lungs and the bodies circulatory system. It also has associations with the sense of touch.

The 5th chakra commonly known as the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha in Hindi) is located centrally at the base of the neck. It is metaphysically connected to the Thyroid and Parathyroid and deals with the mouth, throat and ears. It has associations with the colour blue and with the vibrations for sound and hearing and the development of claireaudience.

The 6th chakra commonly known as the Third Eye Chakra ( Ajna in Hindi) sits just above  and between the eyebrows. It is metaphysically connected to the Pituitary gland and governs only not  the eyes but also gives a window of vision beyond ordinary sight, it enhances clairvoyance, enabling mediums the ability to see the past, present and future. It is associated with the colour of indigo.

The 7th chakra commonly known as the Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara in Hindi) sits at the top of the head. It is metaphysically connected to the Pineal gland and governs the upper skull, cerebal cortex and skin .By  expanding your Crown Chakra you are able to tap into the deepest sources of spiritual wisdom.  It is associated with the colour violet.

There is so much more fascinating information available on Chakras both on the web and in printed literature, if you found this site which is so new, you must be on a wonderful journey. Enjoy! I will dedicate further posts to this subject as I feel it is such an important topic for anyone interested in spiritual development and healing.  I  believe that if we all share our fragments of knowledge they will add to and enrich our  greater wisdom. I hope you are sharing too and look forward to reading more posts from others on a similar journey.

Wise Women Who Stand Out From The Crowd.

P1120645As I was reviewing  my spiritual journey for this blog my mind went to thinking about one of the wisest women I have ever met, a  dear friend who is now one of my most reliable and much loved guides.
Carrie Ann St Clair was an international medium who taught development classes, did spiritual healing, gave lectures, had her own church at Tweed Heads, carried out exorcisms and LOVED ALL THINGS PINK!

It was Carrie who finally gave me the push ( a big one) to become a medium. My first and last public readings took place at her church. Our friendship was born out of the colour pink(the colour of love). She had a large hot pink swirl of it on the side of her car, on my commenting on it one Sunday after church she said “My teacher loved pink and so do I” I said “Your teacher must have been Mrs Begg!” Carrie gasped. I had known Mrs Begg from childhood, she always wore long, floating evening dresses and they were always, you guessed it PINK. Not a wishy washy pink, a vibrant hot pink. When my grandmother and I visited her home in Darlinghurst, Sydney even her kitchen was painted hot pink. A wonderful medium who was not only gifted but also very wise, she had to be. In the early 1950s the Spiritual Church was viewed with even greater suspision than it is today. Policemen in plain clothes often attended in the hope of laying fraud charges and yes there was as now some fakes but they were quickly exposed. Real psychics are easy to recognise from the detail of the messages they give, they go way beyond the banal generalities used by fakes and it is hard to imagine how anyone can be fooled. Both Carrie Ann and Mrs Begg were old style clairvoyants who took to the platform out of a calling to serve their fellow man. Both had churches that upheld the “Seven Principles of Spiritualism”. Neither became rich or famous, although Carrie Ann did work (unpaid) for Scotland Yard, as well as for the police here and in New Zealand, she even went to America and had her psychic skills tested to obtain her M.D.P.P.M.S. a degree thatallowed Scotland yard to use her services. I guess it would be hard for any policeman to be taken seriously if he said he was consulting with a clairvoyant on his case and so Carrie went to all the trouble of getting a degree, nothing was too much trouble for her.

Carrie Ann was always immaculately dressed and she had movie star like, golden blond hair that was usually piled high in a profusion of curles. She shone, always standing out from the crowd despite her tiny height but what made her shine most was the wonderful advice and support she gave others. In a world where so many try to hide their light and talents, she gave her all no matter the personal cost.

The last years of her life saw her battling cancer, not that many knew because no matter how bad she felt she said “Oh well, the Lord will support me”, put on her bling and off she went to conduct her service.

Carrie Ann had style, class and wisdom. She always thought of others and she brought love (PINK) to all she met. This picture is perfect, an owl the symbol of wise femine energy, and wearing it’s finest feathers.

Picture is from 2012 diary published by Pomegranate Communications. Inc which features Cape Dorset Inuit Art. They have other paper gifts for more

Circle of Light Spiritual Centre

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We are spiritual beings momentarily in a physical body.

Traveling life’s road in an amazing journey

and learning wisdom, love and compassion

for all,ourselves included.