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Everyone of us makes mistakes, we are after all human. Wise people learn from their mistakes and quickly forgive the mistakes of both themselves and others, as they know that to not forgive them poisons their own inner happiness.

We cannot truly judge mistakes and this is one reason why Jesus told us not to judge others unless we are willing to be judged.

Sadly some people deliberately go against this teaching and try to impose guilt and shame onto others or in some cases themselves. They forget that making a mistake does not make you a bad person and use labels like “sinner”.  The word that sin comes from is actually an ancient archery term for “missing the mark”.  When the person shooting the arrow missed the target it was their signal to  realign and try again. It is sad and wrong that many today use the word as a label of condemnation.

We are all works in progress and it would be a much happier world if we all had  signs on us that read ” This person is currently being developed, thank you for your patience.” I know, this all sounds very simplistic. When we are hurt  it seems natural to react impulsively with anger, blame and then to sometimes impose guilt and shame on each other yet in the process of doing this we destroy relationships, sometimes forever and only increase the suffering, prolonging it and creating hell for all involved including the innocent bystanders who are frequently one’s children.

A deep sense of guilt has destroyed so many lives. People feel unworthy of forgiveness. Yet the message of Jesus in the bible is one of love and forgiveness. If he can forgive us, surely we too can forgive. It sounds easy, often it is far from that but it is worth the effort. It allows you to move on, to grow and to teach others from a place of new understanding. It can lead to new awareness and empathy and give insight into how it feels to walk in another’s shoes. It can also renew and create greater love, caring and acceptance.

A very old prayer always comes to me when I face these tough times, it says…






I would like to add…

And the ability to forgive and move on TO DO BETTER NEXT TIME!


Reflections. The Discipline Of Dejection


“But we had hoped…and what is more, it is the third day…” LUKE. 24:21.

In Luke 24 we meet two of Jesus’ apostles on the road to Emmaus talking dejectedly about how their hopes and expectations had not been met. That same day the women had told the apostles of their strange experience of finding the tomb of Jesus empty, of them being told that Jesus was alive and to remember what Jesus had told them about what would happen to him at Galilee they dismissed this as nonsense. They “knew” what had happened. Jesus was dead and all their hopes and dreams were shattered.
As they walked Jesus joined them asking what they were debating but they didn’t “see him”. They didn’t recognize him. Why? Like all of us they were caught up in their own reality and Jesus being there just didn’t fit in. They were living their own illusion.
Dejection springs from one of two sources- I have either satisfied a lust or I have not. Lust means – I must have it and at once. When we lust for anything our focus narrows to what we want and we perceive little outside of our goal. If we succeed in attaining what we want and find, as we invariably do, that it doesn’t really satisfy us, we search for something else to lust for and so the wheel of suffering continues.
If we don’t get what we desire we demand an answer from God. We insist that God answers our prayer by granting our hearts’ desire, if he doesn’t we get dejected and blame God for our troubles. If we don’t believe in God or prayer we find someone else to blame as we wallow in our dejection. Whenever the insistence is on the point that God answers prayer, we are off the track. The meaning of prayer is that we get hold of God, we lay our burdens, hopes whatever at his feet and leave them their. WE then move on, not seeking signs or visions from heaven but focusing on the commonplace and the people around us. This is where we will find God and his most amazing revelations. We will move out of our dejection if we do the duty that lies nearest and change our focus from our desires to living fully in each precious moment. Prayer or meditation brings a closeness of God (or the divine spirit for those who are put off by the name God) that heightens our awareness of the beauty surrounding us. Our view broadens, allowing us the ability to see that the sun is still shinning, that we had merely put a cloud of dejection between it and us shutting out its light and warmth. If the apostles couldn’t see a newly risen, radiant Jesus, I wonder what I am missing seeing today. Enjoy what is don’t miss it!