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Helping A Spirit Presence Move On To The Light.

Not all spirit presences are the result of tragic circumstances, some have such a strong attachment to a place or a person that they choose to stay around. This is unusual and is not in their best interest as they have much to learn on the other side before their journey can continue. The spirits that remain due to some tragic circumstance likewise sometimes need help. If you feel you have crossed paths with such a spirit and know fully about psychic protection then you can be of help to them If you are attempting to contact any spirit, I stress again make sure you are experienced  in protecting yourself, if not seek out someone who is such as a priest or if Buddhist a monk who can carry out special practices that have been passed down through the ages.  I would recommend staying away from difficult spirits, there are others, on the other side, who will help them when they are ready to accept help. If however the presence is friendly and of someone you know and had  GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH then you my be able to assist with their journey. In such a case simply saying “Go in peace, light and with blessings to the world of light, your earthly life is done now.  You have you have friends and relatives waiting for you. Go in peace and love to the light..” may be sufficient. Repeat this blessing each time you feel the presence

. If after a period of time you still can feel or see the spirit you may seek support and try a more direct approach. To do this get help. Make sure you have a small bottle of holy water(Blessed water) or mineral water to which three pinches of salt have been added and over which you have prayed for the protection of the deity you worship, your guardian angel and the power of the light to enfold and protect you. Also have a small container/packet of sea salt on hand. As a Christian I always wear a small cross and this gives me added protection in all my dealings with spirit. These and your other psychic practises may be important if you sense a change or any resistance on the part of the spirit to disconnect from you. BEFORE YOU BEGIN Light a candle and  say a prayer asking your God or the power of the light to enfold you in protection. Visualize a  brilliant white light and use it to draw a fully sealed circle of light around you. I also place myself within a bubble of white light. I ask for the blessings of the four archangels and position them at the four of the room. Only then do I attempt contact. It is good to remember not all spirit is as it initially presents itself so taking care even when you “think” you are safe is always a good idea and much less hassle than the consequences should you ever be proven wrong in your judgement. Always approach spirit in a friendly manner, it is actually important to do this as YOU HAVE  NO PWER OVER SPIRIT! Stop at least an arms length away from where you feel or see the presence so that you do not intrude in its space. Smile and greet the spirit in your head or softly but firmly out loud. The presence may turn and move away. NEVER FOLLOW. Usually they stay and you will feel the connection. They may then share with you something of their life or even their reason for being here. Usually though just being acknowledged is enough to bring them peace. Listen to their message and when the encounter fades say “GO IN PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO YOUR WORLD AS I GO BACK TO MINE.” You may experience a chill as they leave, like a cold draft from an opened door. Blow out the candle, thank your protectors and leave the room/space. As you leave splash a little water over your hair (from the special bottle of water you carry), then place some in the palm of your left hand and dip your finger in it, apply it to your brow (third eye ) saying “THE CONNECTION BETWEEN US IS CUT WITH BLESSING.”  Do not take anything from the room with you. The presence usually has no interest in following you but just to be extra careful turn as you leave and sprinkle a little of the water behind you from the small container you carry and drop some salt behind you, saying ” RETURN TO YOUR WORLD AS I RETURN TO MINE! THE CONNECTION IS BROKEN!” If you feel the presence is gone when you next enter the space light white sage and smudge the entire area. If you still feel the presence and it bothers you seek help from a monk or priest who is specially trained. Note that not all priests have this training but they can put you in touch with those who do. Their special training also enables them to know just what they are working with and what procedures they need to follow, If you are Buddhist you will no doubt know of the prayers and practises for helping the dead and dying and keeping these up for the 49 days after a persons passing is the greatest thing you can do to benefit them. A special ceremony purifying the karma of the deceased is also taught. In the Catholic church special masses can be said and it is good to remember that no prayer is ever wasted. It benefits both those being prayed for and those offering the prayer. Life after death is not something to fear it is simply the next stage of our journey. I have witnessed more than one person die with a real look of rapture on their face and great joy in their heart. Such a passing is a special gift to those left behind. Speaking of gifts, one the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to have a strong loving focus on where we want the journey of death to take us.  Being confident of where we are going and that we have prepared for our journey is the greatest gift of all. Blessings on your journey we all share the path, may you support others on theirs and be supported on yours.

Psychic Safety=Never Leave The Circle.

While doing a reading for a client who said she was herself ” a trained phychic” I was horrified to hear her say that she “felt so hot she had to get up, leave the circle and go outside to cool down.” I have struggled with whether I should write this post because in a sense I am breaking my very strict privacy code, however I feel it is is alright to share this small amount with you, as I will in no way identify her or where she was at the time.   I just felt it urgent to let as many people know as I am able, what until now I thought everyone knew, that YOU NEVER LEAVE THE PROTECTION OR BREAK THE CIRCLE FOR ANY REASON. This is a rule that was taught and strictly enforced at every development circle I was ever in and with good reason. Back in the 80’s I was sitting in a group of eight people, who further developing their psychic ability, when I felt an ice cold chill envelop me. The teacher, an extremely strong medium with many years of weekly platform work at a large inner city Spiritualist Church behind her, told me quietly but forcefully to sit still and that no matter what I saw or heard not to break the circle. I would be safe so long as I stayed in the circle. Only one other member, other than the teacher of the group, was aware of the spirit coming in. Why this was so I really don’t know but for me what followed was extremely difficult to experience. The spirit was extremely angry with the other member of the circle who was aware of him, she  was also a well known and respected medium who had been running a Spiritualist Church for over ten years. The teacher ordered the spirit to leave, explaining he could achieve nothing in this way. Although she had carried out exocisms in the past and was amazingly strong it took her considerable time and skill to evict him.I had been sitting in circles for years but was badly shaken by the experience, which I must say is far from the normal. My teacher had been experienced enough to be able to know instantly of my awareness of this troubled spirit and advise me how to act before I could place myself in danger. She had known where every student was on their journey, who was and wasn’t aware of him, she had instantly assessed the situation while at the same time dealing with the incredible energy he brought with him. At the end of the circle the teacher went around each member andas is the custom asked what they had experienced. She didn’t sk myself or the lady who the spirit had come to contact and who was still visibly shaken but she told all the other students that a troubled soul had visited our circle and restated the golden rule “ONCE YOU HAVE BEGUN SITTING AND THE CIRCLE OF PROTECTION IS IN PLACE NO ONE LEAVES UNTIL THE TEACHER GIVES PERMISSION”. In the 50’s and 60’s churches would lock the door once services began and late comers were not allowed in . If readings were being given everyone had to wait until the end or ask for special permission to leave early so the reader could replace the protective barrier, unfortunately over the years some of these safety measures seem to have been lost in some places. It is a real worry. To teach you must have these skills and more. You must know your students and if they are beginners reinforce the rules at the start of every circle. The lady I was reading for said she had been sitting for years and this build up of heat was an ongoing problem for her. Given this, I can only assume that, her action of getting up and leaving took the teacher by surprise, even so it doesn’t answer the question of why the teacher hadn’t dealt with the grounding and other issues. As I only have this ladies report it isn’t possible to say what really caused this major breakdown in the circles protection but I know that a basic but vital rule was broken and it placed everyone in danger. I repeat…THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT MUST NEVER BE BROKEN UNTIL EVERY MEMBER IS FULLY BACK! If you know anyone developing PLEASE PASS THIS ON.

If you are beginning this journey please check out your teacher well, always put your own protection in place before opening up and study the old ways of doing things, they were done for good reasons and have stood the test of time. Finally and this is a hard one, because it is an exciting journey, take one careful, well supported step at a time, don’t try to rush your development it will happen at the rate best suited to your personal needs. Bless You, Stay Safe!